Readers recommend playlist: songs with sudden changes

  • 15/05/2018
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When choosing this week’s topic, I neglected to take into account that period, in the early 1970s, when suburban, middle-class music fans keen to impress with their intellectual prowess listened to what is now termed prog rock. We – mostly men – would don greatcoats, grow our hair into greasy bangs and wander around with album covers under our arms in the vain hope girls would marvel at our good taste and braininess in liking Uriah Heep or Gnidrolog.Many songs of the era – extended and twisted into epics with changes of pace or instrumentation – were nominated and, reluctantly at first, a list slanted towards the genre began to form. This was the music of my youth. The first part of my playlist is comprised of some of the prog’s most grandiose recordings. Call it nostalgia, call it madness, call it what you will, I make no apologies for including so much of this neglected genre (and its close relatives, heavy metal).

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